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NorthWest eSolutions is currently seeking venture capital to invest in products and services to enhance our position as a major supplier in the media delivery markets.  We strive to attain complete Global status in those markets particularly in the area of voice conferencing technology.  Voip is an evolving technology that truly minimizes the barriers of distance in a Global sense.  We are excited about our current audio product offering, however, the latest product that is nearing completion far exceeds the capabilities of our current product and sets a high bar for our competitors that, quite frankly, may never be attained.  This "beta" product which is already "in the can" will allow all types of possibilities.  We are in need of an infusion to bring that product out of "beta" and to fund an aggressive marketing campaign.  If you are an investor and would like to hear more about this product and view our online business plan we would appreciate your response.  We have published an online NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and a password protected portal to access our business plan.  Please just contact us either by email or call us at 425-939-7450.


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