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Communication Services

NorthWest eSolutions offers alternative multimedia solutions to our customers. Our position with these products and our partners allow us to offer these high-end products in volume at discounted pricing such as our audio conferencing server, video conferencing solution, and the cross-platform compliant media broadcast suite. We understand that all installations and applications are different. We are prepared to invest the time and energy to help your business discover the right solutions for you. Please take a look at a few of the services that we offer. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration. Don't get stuck in the "dedicated phone line" trap.  There are new and exciting technologies to help your business make better "cents" of your conferencing dollar.


Video Conferencing Service
we provide the conference server through
our video conference supplier on a subscription service *Discounts Apply

Audio Conferencing Service
we can provide the server or install the
server software on your equipment. We offer a subscription service as well  on this product

Media Broadcast Servers
Media servers to enhance your corporate
website.  Keep your visitors informed.
No Media Player required.







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